As Sigma Road Blocker, we have been producing security solutions for more than 20 years.
We develop preventive systems and tools in the operational movement and control applications of security forces.

SIGMA; provides security for you

  • Product Quality
  • Security precautions
  • Logistics Advantages
  • Supply Continuity


Sigma Road Blocker

Sigma Road Blocker, where access by unauthorized vehicles is under strict restrictions. security and anti-terrorist established in areas requiring high sec...

Sigma Accordion Barrier

The vehicle's speed, weight and direction of movement are suddenly stopped upwards; The crusher and shredder for the vehicle will pose serious risks to the driv...

Sigma Barrier

The speed, weight and direction of movement of the vehicle are suddenly stopped and the upward confusion; Crusher and shredder for the vehicle will have serious...

Road Trap Tire Breaker, For Heavy Vehicles

It is the most effective and reliable tire extinguishing method for disarming large vehicles that do not comply with the STOP warning by police and military aut...

Road Trap Tire Breaker, For Passenger Cars

It is the most effective and safe wheel extinguishing method to disable vehicles that do not comply with the STOP warning for police and military authorities. ...

Why You Should Choose Sigma

Product Quality

The material used in our products must be of the highest quality in terms of their intended use and areas of use. As Sigma Barrier, we apply 1st class materials and engineering processes in all our products.

Product Variety

We offer high quality products for security with our wide product range. With the research and development of our expert engineers, we produce the most efficient products for sectoral needs and offer them to you, and we meet your product demands specific to your needs.

Logistics Force

We deliver your requests as soon as possible with our advanced production line and expert employees, high volume production, product supply with our stock power and fast delivery at all times.


We guarantee our products with the material we use in our products and the production quality.

Get to Know Sigma Products

We carry out quality control tests before putting our products on the market, and at the same time, we continue our controls during field use.


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